One-click speedy access to Stripe's customer portal.

You integrate Stripe, but you realise you don't have a way for customers to manage their payments. Sound familiar? SuperPortal lets your customers manage their subscriptions and billing details.

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Empower your customers

SuperPortal gives your customers the power to manage their own payments.

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Manage products

Upgrade or downgrade subscription levels with pro-rating taken care for you.

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Cancel subscriptions

Cancel subscriptions at any time during the billing period or at the end.

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Update payment information

Add or remove payment methods, such as credit cards.

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View billing history

Look back through past payments and download invoices.

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View subscriptions

Examine active subscription information, including payment dates.

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Log in without passwords

No more remembering passwords. The portal logs customers in via a one-time magic link.

How does it work?

SuperPortal integrates with your existing Stripe account, allowing easy access with one click and no codes.

1. Link your Stripe account

Simply log into your existing Stripe account and connect it to SuperPortal. We never store any data relating to your customers in our databases.

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2. Customize the portal

Customize your portal within the Stripe dashboard. The platform allows you to enable certain features, disable others, and even apply your own brand and logo assets. You're the one in control.

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3. Share your portal’s link

Simply copy and paste your unique portal link and share it with your customers. That's it! Your customers can now access the portal using only their email.

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We’re keeping things simple!

SuperPortal will cost nothing during the beta phase

We're keeping it free during beta
Everything included:
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited subscriptions
  • 24-hour email support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a Stripe product?

    Nope. SuperPortal is an independent company to Stripe. We utilise Stripe's open API's and Connect platform to securely connect to your Stripe account.

  • Can't I just use Stripe directly?

    Absolutely. You're free to use Stripe's portal platform, but this requires writing and integrating code in order to authenticate your customers. With SuperPortal, there's no code and no technical knowledge required. Plus, it's fully secure and hosted for you!

  • Why is it free?

    We're currently in the beta phase while we gather interest and feedback. At the moment the product is free in order to reach as many people as possible. But don't worry! We'll give you plenty of notice before anything changes.

  • Is my customers' data safe?

    We don't store any customer data other than an email address—this is required to access the portal. After each session is over, the data is deleted from our database.

  • Is my Stripe account secure?

    SuperPortal has restricted access to information from Stripe's API. This means that it's not possible for SuperPortal to access or modify any other part of your Stripe account. As per OAuth standards, API keys are never stored in our database. Additionally, use of strong passwords and two-factor authentication are mandatory measures.

  • What if I want to leave?

    You can cancel your account, and delete all associated data, at any time via the dashboard. No ifs, no buts. You are always in control.

  • Do you sell any data?

    No. The small amount of data that we keep in our database is never shared with anyone. We only collect anonymous metrics to help us develop our platform and measure user traffic. This is why we use Fathom, a privacy-focused analytics platform, rather than Google Analytics.

  • I have a question that isn’t covered here.

    No problem. Send us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Empower your customers to manage their payments